Wedding & Event Menus – Barbeque Buffets

We grill and you chill – a barbeque is great for any gathering and with our services you can enjoy a barbeque whatever the weather

We specialise in barbeque catering and offer a variety of barbeque menus. Our services run at any time of the year, setting up and delivering a quality and premium service, in front of you and your guests.

Take a look at our barbeque menus and contact us for bespoke menus and pricing.

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Barbeque Mains

Lamb chops, rosemary
Pork belly, chilli, coriander
Aberdeen Angus beef burger
Spit-roasted lamb souvla
Pork souvlaki
Chicken wings, bbq or buffalo
Chicken souvlaki
Garlic king prawns
Spit-roasted chicken thighs
Loukaniko, cypriot pork sausage
Ribeye steak, Montreal rub
Halloumi cheese (v)
Lobster tail, garlic butter
Salmon fillet, teriyaki glaze
Corn on the cob (ve)
Cumberland sausages

Barbeque Salads & Sides

Greek salad (v)
Tomato, red onion, balsamic (ve)
Roasted new potatoes, oregano (ve)
Penne, tomato, basil (ve)
Sweet potato, lentil, feta, tahini (v)
Beetroot, parsley, vinaigrette (ve)
Taramasalata, houmous, tzatziki, pitta
French beans, mangetout, sesame salad (ve)
Couscous, roasted peppers, courgette (ve)
Creamy coleslaw (v)
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables (ve)
Fusilli, pesto, rocket, parmesan (v)
Caesar Salad (v)
Bulgar, tomato, onion (ve)
Tabbouleh (ve)
Tomato, mozzarella, vinaigrette, basil (v)