Inside Out Eventz – Sustainability

Inside Out Eventz Ltd are committed to following, improving and promoting good sustainability practices throughout our activities. All business decisions, including those relating to strategic development, will be taken with consideration given to balancing the economic needs of the company with an enduring responsibility to the quality of our global environment and the social well-being of all those with whom we engage.

Where possible and viable purchase goods sourced within the UK
 Buy from suppliers as close to Inside Out Eventz as possible
 Maximise the efficiency of fuel used by our company vehicles
 Minimise energy consumption by use of the best available technology
 Purchase energy from a UK renewable electricity supplier

 Buy animal and poultry products that are from farms with approved husbandry
 Buy only UK sourced free-range fresh meat, poultry (red tractor as a minimum standard) and sustainably sourced fish (where practically possible)
 Purchase of no single use plastics
 Eliminate the use of non-recyclable or non-recycled plastic in any plastic item purchased
 Customer engagement on sustainable products and packaging
 Purchase fair-trade whenever practical
 Purchase the most energy efficient equipment and company vehicles
 Service vehicles regularly to maintain efficiency
 Ensure that timber furniture, and any other timber products, are recycled or from well-managed,
 sustainable sources and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
 Opt to repair rather than replace whenever possible

We will actively nurture good relations with our local community by offering help in ways appropriate to our resources and skills

 Minimise our waste of any resource, in particular energy, water and food
 Recycle or dispose of any waste we do create responsibly
 Compost all waste food